Kirstin2 klein

Kirstin Ballhorn, born and raised in Neubrandenburg/Western Pomerania, studied to become an engineer for Landscape Culture and Environmental Protection in Rostock/Germany. She specialized in the field of Landscape Architecture but only worked for a very short time in this profession as she realized that this is not her way.

After some soul searching, immigrating to New Zealand and having her three children, she slowly found her passion to write and illustrate children’s books.

A consistent studying of children’s stories and its illustrations, as well as learning techniques, helped her achieving her own style. She also realized what kind of children’s stories she wants to write about.

Her children give her the motivation and inspiration to write the positive stories which shall help the reader to see that every one of us is special. Each person has his or her own dreams and shall achieve them. This is the kind of message Kirstin wants her kids to understand as well as all of the readers. The colourful and child appropriate illustrations shall support this message and are very appealing.

Kirstin has many more ideas for stories which only wait to be illustrated.

Today Kirstin lives together with her family, her three cats, some lambs and uncountable chickens and ducks happily in New Zealand.