Frido’s dream to surf

‘Frido’s dream to surf’ is an inspirational sweet story about a sea turtle having an unusual dream, a dream of wanting to surf and everyone around him telling him he can’t do it. He still believes in his dream. Along the way he finds friends and the trust within himself.

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The German version of ‘Frido’s dream to surf’ is in print at the moment and is on the market through Amazon or all German book stores since August 2015. I hope to have the English version on the market soon again as well.

Product Information:

hardcover book with 40 pages
Publishing house: Lychatz Verlag (7. Juli 2015)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3942929945
ISBN-13: 978-3942929943
recommended age: 36 months – 6 years
Size: 21,7 x 1 x 30,4 cm

Readers reviews:

‘Soooooo….I come home and do an internet search for this upcoming author called “Kirstin Ballhorn” and find this book she’s written called ‘Frido’s dream to surf’. I follow the links and buy this book so that it appears here on my laptop. I call my 5yr old in and tell her I’ve bought her a new storybook. We hop all comfy on my bed this afternoon, and I read it to her. I ask her a couple of things along the way to make sure she’s understanding it…oooh she gets it alright! At the end, I ask her if she liked it? “Like it? I LOVED IT!” she says! I ask her if she knows what it’s about..”Mum, all you’ve got to remember is it doesn’t matter what some people tell you, you’ve just got to believe in your dreams, and they might just come true!”. That, I would say Kirstin Ballhorn, is 1 mighty satisfied reader!!!’ (Review by ESC74 at

‘An inspiring children’s story. Frido independently achieves his goal. It teaches perseverance and ingenuity. The illustrations are adorable and add a dimension of detail to discuss with my child. I’d love to follow Frido’s further adventures! Our new family favourite!’ (Review by Amazing Taste at

A wonderful, instructive story about the sea turtle Frido. Despite many difficulties he makes his dream to surf become reality. My 5 year old daughter loves the story and the beautiful illustrations and I had to read it to her again and again. We both prefer “real” books, so we just printed the e-book and tied it together with a pretty bow. Now we can cuddle up and enjoy the book together whenever we want. (Review by Schukowski, Irina at

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